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BIPOC Resources

NameTypeRelated information
Black Mental HealthOrganization 
The BIPOC ProjectOrganization 
BEAM: Black Emotional and Mental Health CollectiveOrganization 
Black Mental Health AllianceOrganization 
Therapy for Black MenOrganization 
Therapy for Black GirlsOrganization 
Therapy for Queer People of ColourOrganization 
Asian American Psychological AssociationOrganization 
National Queer and Trans Therapists of Color NetworkOrganization 
QTPoC Mental HealthOrganization 
The Loveland FoundationOrganization 
South Asian Mental Health Initiative & NetworkOrganization 
Dear Black Women ProjectOrganization 
Therapy For LatinxOrganization 
National Asian American Pacific Islander Mental Health AssociationOrganization 
Be Confident OrganizationOrganization 
Asian Mental HealthOrganization 
The Boris Lawrence Henson FoundationOrganization 
Intergenerational Trauma and Indigenous HealingOrganization 
Rest For ResistanceOrganization 
Real TherapyOrganization 
Healthline Media a Red VenturesOrganization 
Indian Leadership for Indian HealthOrganization 
Doctor Jennifer MullanOrganization 
Mental Health Technology Transfer NetworkOrganization 
Hello Doctor JoyOrganization 
U.S. Department of Health & Human ServicesOrganization 
Teen LineOrganization 
The Trevor ProjectOrganization 
National Domestic HotlineOrganization 
Safe HorizonOrganization 
Sexual Abuse & Assault of Boys & MenOrganization 
I'm AliveOrganization 
International Association for Suicide PreventionOrganization 
Hope Line (Crisis intervention)Organization 
National Suicide Prevention LifelineOrganization 
AAKOMA ProjectOrganization 
U.S. Department of Health & Human Services of Minority HealthOrganization 
Biased: Uncovering the Hidden Prejudice That Shapes What We See, Think, and DoBookBy Jennifer L. Eberhardt, PhD
My Grandmother’s Hands: Racialized Trauma and the Pathway to Mending our Hearts and BodiesnBookBy Resmaa Menakem, MSW, LICSW, SEP
The Racial Healing HandbookBookBy Anneliese A. Singh, PhD, LPC
Everything Here is BeautifulBookBy Mira T. Lee
The Woo-WooBookBy Lindsay Wong
Asian Mental Health Collective Healing Traditions: The Mental Health of Aboriginal Peoples in CanadaBookBy Laurence J Kirmayer
From the AshesBookBy Jesse Thistle
Indigenous Cultures and Mental Health CounsellingBookBy Suzanne L. Stewart, Roy Moodley, Ashley Hyatt
Basic Counselling Skills: A Helper's Manual Fourth EditionBookBy Richard Nelson Jones
Choices, a Program for Women About Choosing Healthy BehaviorsBookBy National Center on Birth Defects and Developmental Disabilities; Division of Birth Defects and Developmental Disabilities
Cloudy DaysBookBy Sarah Frank and Katie Bell
Man's Search For MeaningBookBy Viktor Frankl
Ayana AppAppThe Ayana app, founded by Eric Coly, uses detailed questionnaires to connect members of marginalized communities with compatible licensed therapists based on their background, needs and identities.
Mind of the CultureAppMind of the Culture is for those wishing to integrate therapy into their faith-based lifestyle. Mental health clinician Dr. Chanda Reynolds launched the app in June at a time of heightened stress and trauma in the Black community.
The Safe PlaceAppThe free resource provides clinical definitions of mental illness diagnosis and allows users to take self-assessments. It also offers self-care tips on how to cope with police brutality, as well as black mental health statistics and open forum discussions.
YouperAppYouper provides the user with an AI therapist that incorporates techniques from Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), mindfulness, and meditation. Additionally, the app provides a mood tracking system.
[The Mighty: Mental Health]Blog(
Total MindSocial Media 
ReframeSocial Media 
Black Female TherapistsSocial Media 
Black Mental WellnessSocial Media 
Asian Mental Health ProjectSocial Media 
The Black Dove OrganizationSocial Media 
Inclusive TherapistsSocial Media 
decolonizing.therapySocial Media 
Brown Girl Self CareSocial Media 
Brown Girl TherapySocial Media 
Hang In There OrganizationSocial Media 
grief buddies organizationSocial Media 
healing_help (instagram)Social Media 
inspycSocial Media 
Black Happiness MattersSocial Media 
BLK Mental Health Matters ProjectSocial Media 
Black Mental Health MattersSocial Media 
The Nap MinistrySocial Media 
Asian MentalHealth CollectiveSocial Media 
Latinx Mental HealthSocial Media 
Latinx TherapySocial Media 
LatinxTherapistsActionNetworkSocial Media 
State of MindSocial Media 
Mina BSocial Media 
Global Mental Health SupportSocial Media 
Melanin & Mental HealthSocial Media 
Mental Health AmericaSocial Media 
Mental Health for RomaniaSocial Media 
Mental Health JournalSocial Media 
Mental Health NotesSocial Media 
Mental Health AdvocateSocial Media 
Balanced Black Girl PodcastPodcast 
Let's Talk Bruh PodcastPodcast 
La CuraPodcast 
Mental Health MukbangPodcast 

Social Media

@magnify_appmental health chitchats, psychology facts, deep talks, open DM's to talk about mental health, and mental health awareness campaigns.
@cura.projectemphasizes the importance of education and its relation to mental health
@the__paris__projecthighlights injustice in the mental health sector and amplifies underrepresented groups in mental health, chitchats, common misconceptions about mental health disorders
@purplehydrangeaprojectpromotes mental health awareness and scientific facts on mental disorders with common misconceptions
@mentalhealthiobrings light to mental health diseases through research and personal stories
@mental_health_matterza supportive page for mental health and eliminating the mental health stigma with positive posts
@stigma_engimastopics in mental health and psychology debunked in a simplistic, yet informative manner
@themindgamesprojectraises awareness about mental health through facts and data posts on mental health and brings light to mental health disorders and its myths and facts
@robotsforpositivityincreases positivity within FIRST robotics and STEM fields
@the.blurt.forumsubmit anonymous struggles, DM's always open to talk with account owner
@l2mentalhealthcontributes on a global scale to destigmatizing mental health, infographics on mental health topics
@onesmileffectprovides emotional support during the COVID-19 outbreak, raises mental health awareness, informative podcast series, Intsta posts & newsletters
@lyftly.appInstagram for mental health app lyftly that attempts to build a supportive mental health community for mental health resources for queer individuals as well as educational resources for allies
@urbetterbrainAn encouraging community built to helps exercise one's mind and brain and build it into its strongest self
@twlohaTWLOHA is a non-profit movement dedicated to presenting hope and finding help for people struggling with depression, addiction, self-injury, and suicide. TWLOHA exists to encourage, inform, inspire, and also to invest directly into treatment and recovery.
@health_anxietyAnxiety support and validation on the instagram feed and blog
@artsyaffirmationsPositive affirmations drawn creatively
@emotions_therapyDaily affirmations and advocate for anorexia, depression, anxiety, and OCD recovery
@anxiety_wellbeingFrequent posts that provide positive affirmations and helpful tips to help one manage anxiety in their daily life.
@dlcanxietyA large support community that provides information about anxiety and other mood disorders.
@tpnprojectA supportive community that promotes positivity, mental health, and social activism
@hanginthereorganizationEducating people on the importance of mental health/illness with blogs, post, videos, interviews, etc. They soon hope to, with their members, help fund destitute areas with mental health support and other necessities.
@lamagiadelcaosInstagram for the podcast "La magia del caos" which talks about how to face society, and ourselves
@trevorprojectprovides crisis intervention and suicide prevention services to LGBTQ youth
@1866naseehaNaseeha provides the tools needed to address mental health. With our confidential helpline, youth receives immediate, anonymous, and confidential support. We raise awareness within the community about the stigma around mental health.
@blackyouthhelplineBuilding the foundations for successful living. Education - Health - Community Development
@junocounselingEducating others on the different aspects of mental health and what it can look like
@mentalhealth.consciousA youth led nonprofit that educates others on the subject of mental health.
@dissociadidDissociaDID provides information and personal experiences about Dissociative Identity Disorder. Through their page, DissociaDID destigmatizes mental illness.
@asianmentalhealthcollectiveAsian Mental Health Collective shares stories and experiences that work against the stigma of mental health within Asian Diasporic communities.
@howmentalHow Mental is a community dedicated to mental health support. They offer informational posts, motivational quotes, and tips for mental wellness.
@decolonizing.therapyBrings to light and talks about the struggles LGBTQ+ BIPOC people face in their everyday lives, as well as providing mental health resources for BIPOC
@fedup_co_a youth-led global non-profit organization focused on spreading awareness of mental health through digital media
@mentalhealthamericaThey frequently post different resources about mental health resources and host many different mental health related live streams
@mentalwellbeingclubThis page works to bring mental health and wellbeing to the forefront through frequent posts about self-care.
@selfcaremochieThis instagram page posts very frequent self-care threads which are focused on working out, healthy eating, skin care, and other topics.
@letss_selfcareThis page often posts mental health tips, affirmations, and mental health resources.
@mentalhealthcoalitionThis page is working to destigmatize mental health and often posts mental health resources.
@mindgridofficialPromoting mental health awareness, while also working advocating for changes in mental health policy. They often post resources for mental health awareness
@projectyouthvoicesThey often sit down for mental health chit chats, create creative work about mental health, and post informational tips for mental health.
@better.mentalhealthThis mental health advocacy page also focuses on sexual harassment prevention. They post many inspirational quotes and mental health tips.
@inspirehealthymindsThis page raises awareness about many aspects of mental health, including social media, motivation, and positive self image. They also post many inspirational quotes.
@clara_healing_instituteFocusing on stress, types of therapy and counseling, and offering their own consultations, this page is dedicated to a lot of different mental health topics.
@stigmasmashedThey are focused on reducing the misconceptions which surround mental health by discussing things like boundary setting, trauma, and burnout.
@parentselfcareWhile this page is specifically focused on self-care for parents and caregivers, the informational tips and posts they make can be useful to anyone.
@turningpointct_orgThis page is youth-led and advocates for mental wellness. They often have discussion based lives and chats often, put out informational resources, and answer Q&As
@mentalitymasterpieceWith inspirational quotes, posts about self-care, and overall mental health themed informational posts, this is a great resource for anyone to use.
@herpositivespaceFrequent posts that include affirmations, general positivity posts, and motivational messages.
@neurosciencefoundationThis page focuses on multiple aspects of neuroscience, including some information about how neuroscience and mental health interact.
@glow_with_positivityThis is a positivity page which is focused on positivity and mental health. They post very often and are centered around making others happier.
@roadtonepentheThis page puts out information on a range of mental health topics, such as eating disorders, mental illnesses, and even host their own support group.
@mental_health_anonThere is both an Instagram and Facebook page dedicated to mental health awareness and spreading positivity
@apimentalhealthBuilding a space for API’s by API’s to redefine the mental health conversation
@hearo.uwpromoting holistic health and wellness, advocacy, education, and leadership opportunities
@thelatestkateThis page posts uplifting and inspiring advice to those who may feel lost or sad with themselves, as well as cute drawings to help with anxiety.
@mentalhealthtipThis page focuses on increasing global awareness of mental health
@global_mental_health_supportThis page focuses on mental health awareness through encouraging and inspirational posts
@_mental_health_journal_Putting an end to the stigma of mental health through advocacy and outreach
@selfcareisforeveryoneA space that honors the importance of choosing self-care over self-harm.
@sunnybloominspirationThis Instagram account aggregates the best of the best when it comes to inspirational, motivational content
@heidiwilliams89Her Instagram feed is filled with photos of gorgeous yoga poses across the Salt Lake City landscape, and her captions share advice on dealing with mental health struggles.
@francescaeatsrosesFilled with colorful food photos, crafted from her original vegan recipes. In addition to healthy recipes, she also encourages a healthy relationship with food.
@itsthecwolfWhen she shared the humor she found in her mental health struggles, her followers told her how much it helped them, and she knew she had to continue to share those experiences.
@marcelailustraBrazilian artist Marcela Sabiá posts original illustrations that encourage a positive relationship with mental health.
@kate_speerKate often shares photos of her psychiatric service dog Waffle, snapshots of the Vermont landscape she calls home, and honest portrayals of her life with depression.
@misscalatheaHer collection of plants alongside her struggles with depression and anxiety. She began posting about her plants and mental health while in a psychiatric clinic during her last depressive episode.
@kelsey_lindellShe shares snippets of her life as a yoga instructor and preschool teacher in Minneapolis, with activities that range from getting pizza at Domino’s to attending influencer conferences.
@michaelas_mottoGrowing up as a dancer, Michaela Bell always struggled with body image. When she began her professional dance career, she became fearful of carbs and processed foods.
@maristrackeAfter being diagnosed with depression and anxiety and trying out different medications and therapies, Mari decided to start blogging about mental health.
@mentalhealth.notesThey post statements about depression & Anxiety to allow for people to talk and learn about mental health
@geeking4mentalhealthThis page provides advice through using their own experiences. They post statements, and answer them. It is like a journal that everyone can see.
@betterthoughtscampaignThis page provides positive comments on self-care, and allows for mental health to be talked about without the stigma.
@mentalillnessquotesinfoThis page provides encouragement for people who are battling mental illness. It also shares information about raising awareness for mental health.
@tmhpontarioThis page is a youth-lead organization that wants to increase the recognition of mental health by raising awareness.
@sselfawaregirlA page about mental health awareness, and provides healing advice. They also provide other information on certain mental health issues
@makedaisychainsHannah Daisy is a UK-based artist and mental health activist.Her totally relatable illustrations showcase the simple yet crucial ways she takes care of herself, like booking a doctor appointment and showing up on time, drinking enough water, or remembering to breathe.
@selfloveclubbA page that is about mental health and chronic illness. This page also has posts about advocating for body positivity. This page wants to have people understand what mental illness really looks like
@elyse.foxFilmmaker Elyse Fox released a documentary about herself living with depression. This is her personal page where she tries to convey what "you can accomplish your goals while living with a mental illness".
@bethdrawsthingsdrawings about celebrating the good and the bad days. This page is able to sum off some of the harder aspects of mental illness into relatable posts.
@brenebrownThis page shares inspiring and encouraging findings about vulnerability,empathy,and courage
@advocating.mentalhealthThis page posts inspirational quotes and mental health tips
@letstalk.mentalhealthThis page posts useful informational tips for mental health
@mentalhealthmantraprojectA youth-led initiative that strives to spread more mental health awareness
@simple.convosA platform for anyone struggling with mental health problems who just needs someone to talk to
@simple.convosA platform for anyone struggling with mental health problems who just needs someone to talk to
@mentalhealthspectrumA non-profit that strives to alleviate the stigma encompassing mental health and raise awareness about mental health
@justagirlwithmhShe posts motivational quotes that can help anyone who feels lost or sad.
@black.mental.healthStudent-Led club dedicated to helping minorities suffering from mental illnesses by providing a place where issues affecting POC can be discussed.
@healing_notes_This page posts mental health tips, affirmations and motivational quotes to help people live happier.
@mentalhealthadvocatespkwyA student-led organization dedicated to advocating for mental health issues.
@selfloveblossomThis page posts motivational quotes about healing, growing and self love.
@nomindsleftbehindThis page offers mental health support and posts mental health tips, mental health facts and quotes related to mental health.
@millenial.therapistThis account posts mental health tips and strategies.
@talkspaceOffers mental health support and provides a platform to discuss mental health.
@themindgeekVisual representations that provide insight on mental health.
@minaa_bA great account that provides mental health tips and spreads mental health awareness.
@yung_puebloThis account posts inspirational quotes about mental health.
@heyamberraePosts fun checklists and journal prompts about mental health.
@theanxietyhealerThis account has colourful graphics with inspirational mental health resources.
@sprxeadpositivityPosts fun graphics and resources to support mental health awareness.
@therapyforblackgirlsThis account provides a platform for black women to find mental health resources and therapy.
@_lisaoliveraAn account that explores topics on mental health and provides tips.
@ppdrecoveryLogging of Postpartum Depression recovery and binge eating disorder recovery
@clarity.wbcounsellingProfessional counselling service and quotes for mental health
@staystrongwithjessDaily posts on anxiety, and how one copes through mental health difficulties
@dontfwithmymentalhealthPosts on how to cope with mental health difficulties
@transformingpain2purposeTrauma Survivor Hosting a safe space for Mental Health Activism
@mental___health101Mental Health Advocate
@thefightfromwithin_A girl trying to help others understand the struggle of mental health
@pcsmentalhealthMental Health Service
@mentalhealthinsportsA group of 8th graders doing a service learning project on Mental Health and injuries
@jazzthortonAuthor, movie director, and mental advocate spreading messages of hope for those struggling with mental health.
@micheline.maaloufTherapist and content creator sharing mental health tips.
@realdepressionprojectSpreading awareness about mental health, tips to improve mental health, suggestions for helping people who struggle with mental health.
@therapyinanutshellTips to manage mental health.
@fightthroughmentalhealthMental health support community raising awareness, educating and breaking the stigma around mental health.
@lalahdeliaContent on tips to improve mental health.
@katimortonA licensed therapist discusses the ins and outs of mental disorders.
@psycho2go_tipsA mental health organization that posts bite-sized educational videos about mental health and relationships.
@theanxietyguyFocuses on real health and wellness fundamentals targeted towards people with growing anxiety levels.
@bignoknowShare openly and honestly about his experience with all things mental health.


Support Groups


Magnify WellnessApp StoreMagnify’s mission is to ensure everyone gets equal access to mental wellness support. Through a therapeutic chatbot, gratitude journal, mood check in, video game, and way more, this app's completely free mental health resources aspire to reach everyone who needs them.
Ayana AppApp Store Google PlayThe Ayana app, founded by Eric Coly, uses detailed questionnaires to connect members of marginalized communities with compatible licensed therapists based on their background, needs and identities.
Shine AppApp Store Google PlayThe Black-owned app was created in 2016, but its offerings—including more than 600 guided meditations, morning inspiration texts, customizable mental health tool kits and community forums—are in higher demand in light of two ongoing pandemics.
Minds of the CultureApp StoreMind of the Culture is for those wishing to integrate therapy into their faith-based lifestyle. Mental health clinician Dr. Chanda Reynolds launched the app in June at a time of heightened stress and trauma in the Black community.
The Safe PlaceApp Store Google PlayThe free resource provides clinical definitions of mental illness diagnosis and allows users to take self-assessments. It also offers self-care tips on how to cope with police brutality, as well as black mental health statistics and open forum discussions.
Mindshift CBT - Anxiety CanadaLinkThis app is completely free and does not have ads. It checks in on your wellness and anxiety and comes with coping cards and prompted journaling for healthy thinking and progress. It contains information about understanding many parts of anxiety as well as handling it, and even comes with a "chill zone" to calm anyone in the moment.
ResiliApp Store Google PlayResili improves mental health and resilience by equipping users with a library of health literacy information, a toolbox of problem-solving skills based on Dialectical Behaviour Therapy, and ongoing access to video e-counselling and health system navigation with registered professionals.
Calm HarmLinkCalm Harm is an award-winning app developed for teenage mental health charity stem4 by Dr Nihara Krause, Consultant Clinical Psychologist, using the basic principles of an evidence-based therapy called Dialectical Behavioural Therapy (DBT).
HappifyLinkHappify's science-based activities and games can help you overcome negative thoughts, stress, and life's challenges.
MoodpathLinkMoodpath tracks your emotional state through questions three times a day that "learn" from your responses. These questions generate Insights and other resources most relevant to your emotional health.
7 cups of teaLink7 Cups connects you to caring listeners for free emotional support
RootdLinkRootd uses a freemium model which offers core app services for free as well as monthly, annual and group subscriptions to combat anxiety & panic attacks.
YouperLinkYouper provides the user with an AI therapist that incorporates techniques from Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), mindfulness, and meditation. Additionally, the app provides a mood tracking system.
Anxiety HelperApp StoreAnxiety Helper is a mental health toolkit for anyone to get info on certain mental illnesses, find resources, and use tools to cope with day to day life
HeadspaceApp StoreHeadspace provides various tools to aid with meditation, sleep, and anxiety. The app uses various relaxation techniques to help one feel more at peace when they are stressed.
notOKApp StoreThe app features a large, red button that can be activated to let close friends, family and their support network know help is needed. The message reads: “Hey, I’m not OK! Please call, text, or come find me.”
What's UpGoogle PlayWhat’s up is an amazing free app that uses Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and Acceptance Commitment Therapy (ACT) methods to help you cope with Depression, Anxiety, Stress, and more
Mood KitApp StoreMoodKit uses the foundation of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and provides users with over 200 different mood improvement activities.
SanvelloApp StoreSanvello teaches mindfulness skills and provides mood and health tracking tools that can be used to improve mental and physical health.
TalkspaceApp StoreTalkspace connects you with a licensed mental health professional so you can receive therapy from your digital devices.
MoodfitApp Store Google PlayThis app is meant to help you get into mental shape. Whether you’re looking to better understand your feelings, or you’re experiencing anxiety, depression, or high levels of stress, Moodfit is designed to help you feel better.
MoodMissionApp StoreMoodMission is an app that is meant to help people who are dealing with stress, anxiety, or depression. The app recommends “missions” based on how the user is feeling.
CalmApp StoreThis app included many guided meditations which are intended to aid in someone's mental health and mindfulness
CBT Thought DiaryApp StoreThis is a mood tracker and journal which is intended to aid in mindfulness and in tracking moods which aids in mental health.
WysaApp StoreWysa is that friendly and caring chatbot with a mood tracker, mindfulness coach, anxiety helper, and mood-boosting buddy, all rolled into one.
MoodSpaceGoogle PlayMoodSpace brings together techniques from cognitive behavioural therapy, mindfulness based cognitive therapy, positive psychology, and behavioural activation into a self-help space for mental wellbeing to guide you in managing and improving your mental health.
WoeBotApp Store Google PlayWoebot is your very own coach who chats with you and offers insights and skills to help you grow into your best self. Woebot helps users with everyday stress and challenges such as symptoms of depression, anxiety, relationship problems, procrastination, loneliness, grief, addiction, pain management and more! Woebot checks-in with you every day and guides you through practical techniques based on tried and tested approaches such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Mindfulness, and Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT).
SayanaApp StoreTracking your mood and journaling situations that influence it has never been easier—it's a couple of taps a day.
StoicApp Store Google Playhelp you live a happier and more tranquil life. you will learn stoicism philosophy and how to cope with stress.get your daily mental health tracker companion for mood tracking, journaling, meditations, and reflection. it analyzes your emotive influences and gives you insights on how to be happier and more productive.
TangerineApp StoreTangerine is a free and simple habit and mood tracker that helps you organize your routine, achieve your personal goals and reflect on your life.
Clear FearApp Store Google PlayClear Fear provides you with a range of ways to manage the symptoms of anxiety. Developed by a clinician co-collaboratively with young people, Clear Fear uses a Cognitive Behavioural framework to help you change anxious thoughts and emotions, alter anxious behaviours and calm fear responses. It also has helpful descriptions of the different ways in which anxiety presents, resources and a 'grit box' to boost resilience.
Brighter BiteApp Store Google Playhelp you relax during hard times;track meals and eating disorder behaviors;insights with eating disorder assessment test;Export tracked data to a shareable PDF report;Gain recovery insights;Access essential recovery resources;Build up your own resources;See daily motivation quotes to put a smile on your face;
Fabulous - Daily Self CareApp StoreFabulous is a healthy habit tracking app that helps the user maintain positive routines.
BreezeApp StoreBreeze aids the user in managing mood and mental health. The app features cute doodles, a mood tracker, a negative thoughts tracker, a tracker for negative distortions, and advice from a psychotherapist.
Worry KitApp StoreWorry Kit provides one with short activities that are inspired by CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy) and ACT (Acceptance Commitment Therapy). Worry Kit can help you cope with difficult feelings, no matter how big or small they are.
MoodnotesApp StoreMoodnotes is a mood tracker and journaling app, equipped to help the user identify triggers, improve their mood, and develop healthier thinking habits.
Self- Help for Anxiety Management(SAM)App Store Google PlayAllows Users to build their own 24-hour anxiety toolkit that allows you to track anxious thoughts and behavior over time, and has resources to learn different self-help techniques.
IMoodJournalApp Store Google PlayA journal that is able to record your moods and symptoms, sleep, and medications, and energy cycle. Able to show where your stress levels rise and fall.
eMoodsApp Store Google PlayUsers are able to track depressive and psychotic symptoms, elevated mood, and irritability and give an indication of the severity of their symptoms.
MoodToolsApp Store Google PlaySupports people with clinical depression by aiding the path to recovery. Uses CBT principles, develop a suicide safety plan and analyzes your thoughts.
Recovery RecordApp Store Google PlayAn app for people recovering from an eating disorder and wanting to develop a more positive body image. Has a way to record your meals, and how those meals make you feel.
Rise Up and RecoverApp Store Google PlayTracks your meals and the feeling of eating them and allows a PDF printout of those feelings for when you feel like you're going to binge.
LifesumApp Store Google PlayPersonal Goals to eat healthier, more muscles and allowed to get in more steps per day. It also generates a Life Score to see how to become healthier.
nOCDApp StoreHelp of OCD specialists and patients to incorporate 2 treatmentsL mindfulness and Exposure Response Prevention Treatment.
Worry WatchApp StoreWorry Watch aims to help users identify their trigger points for anxiety, note trends in their feelings, reflect on when the outcomes were harmless, and change their thinking patterns for the future.
GG OCDApp Store Google PlayGG OCD aims to improve OCD symptoms by increasing the user’s awareness of negative thoughts and training the brain to push those aside to embrace a more positive outset. The app takes the users through various levels, each consisting of short games around a specific theme.
PTSD CoachApp Store Google PlayCreated by the VA’s National Center for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), PTSD Coach offers everything from a self-assessment for PTSD, to opportunities to find support, positive self-talk, and anger management.
Breathe2RelaxApp Store Google PlayCreated by the National Center for Telehealth and Technology, this app is a portable stress management tool that teaches users a skill called diaphragmatic breathing.
UCSF PrimeApp Store Google PlayThe PRIME app, created by psychiatry professor Danielle Shlosser, connects people with schizophrenia to their peers through a social network style interface. It also lets users track “challenge goals,” things they’d like to accomplish or improve about themselves.
CalmApp Store Google PlayCalm provides people experiencing stress and anxiety with guided meditations, sleep stories, breathing programs, and relaxing music.
Ten Percent HappierApp Store Google PlayTen Percent Happier has a library of 500+ guided meditations on topics ranging from anxiety and stress to parenting and sleep, as well as videos, bite-sized stories, and inspiration you can listen to on the go.
MY3App Store Google PlayDesigned to help those stay safe while having thoughts of suicide.
Twenty-Four Hours A DayApp Store Google PlayBased on the best-selling book of the same name, Twenty-Four Hours a Day offers 366 meditations from the book, making it easier for people in recovery from addiction to focus on sobriety wherever they are.
Mind ShiftApp Store Google PlayMindShift is one of the best mental health apps designed specifically for teens and young adults with anxiety.
Panic ReliefApp Store Google Play This app is targeted to help individuals with panic disorder access easy-to-use, empirically supported coping tools to better manage and move through panic attacks.
PE Coach 2App Store Google Play Designed for individuals with PTSD, specifically those working with a therapist using prolonged exposure (PE) treatment. The skills taught include education about the treatment, and common reactions to trauma, and breathing retraining.
T2 Mood TrackerApp Store Google PlayHelps individuals track their emotional states and how they change over time for personal insight and accurate reporting to a mental health professional.
Sober TimeApp Store Google PlaySober Time helps you stay motivated and inspired. It’s a mental health app that tracks sobriety down to the second and updates in real-time.
LetgohApp Store Google PlayLetGOH is a mental health app that focuses on issues that fit well into the 12-step recovery model.
Simple DBT Skills Diary CardApp Store Google PlayDBT focuses on practicing skills that help users control the intensity of their reactions in emotional situations. DBT is a method for teaching skills that help you maintain an emotional balance, and this app helps you stay on that track.
Up!Google PlayThe UP! app is an automated mood diary that tracks and alerts you to your unique warning signs of depression and mania.
Insight TimerApp Store Google PlayWhile other leading meditation apps can get pretty pricy, Insight Timer stands out for its expansive free library
iBreatheApp Store Google PlayiBreathe’s uncluttered and simple-to-use interface is as soothing as it is helpful. Just breathing exercises, no frills.
MyLife MeditationApp Store Google PlayMyLife aims to help you create your own ~quiet place~ away from the world with guided, emotion-based meditations. Reviewers shout out its simplicity and lovely art as highlights.
AuraApp StoreBeyond its meditation offerings, Aura also boasts a mood tracker, gratitude journal, and an active community of both users and meditation teachers.
SowlmateApp Store This new LGBTQ+-focused self-care app has a unique library of multi day courses and single guided meditations.
Healthy Minds ProgramApp Store Google Playearn to gain focus, reduce stress, maintain positive social connection, and more through its science-backed teachings.
Jour: Journal for MindfulnessApp StoreThis interactive journal asks you to reflect daily on yourself and the world around you. In doing so, you track your mood and build insightful reports of your well-being over time.
betterHelpApp Store Google PlayBetterHelp is a mobile therapy app that allows you to connect to a therapist via video therapy, phone sessions, and live chat.
WisdoApp Store Google PlayThis virtual support app allows you to join specific themed communities to discuss anything from coronavirus anxiety and loneliness to racism and LGBTQ+ issues.
Lyf - You are not aloneApp Store Google Playa self-care community filled with everyday people and mental health professionals alike, all ready to discuss mental wellness, swap stories, and provide support.


Mental Health: A Person-Centered ApproachEdited by Nicholas Protcter and othersNon-fictionMental Health: a person-centred approach aligns leading mental health research with the human connections that can and should be made in mental health care. It seeks to deepen readers' understanding of themselves, the work they do, and how this intersects with the lives and crises of people with mental illness.
Challenger DeepNeal ShustermanFictionA story about a teen with schizophrenia.
Looking After Your Mental HealthAlice James and Louie StowellNon-fictionA guide to looking after your mental health. Includes lots of advice!
Are U Ok? A Guide to Caring for Your Mental HealthKati MortonNon-fictionKati Morton answers the most commonly asked questions about mental health, including when to get help and where to find it
Lost Connections: Uncovering the Real Causes of Depression – and the Unexpected SolutionsJohann HariNon-fictionA radical new way of thinking about depression and anxiety.
You Are Not a Rock: A Step-by-Step Guide to Better Mental Health (for Humans)Freeman MarkNon-fictionA prescriptive and positive guide, illustrated with line drawings, making the case that mental well-being, like physical health, can be strengthened over time and with specific techniques
(Don't) Call Me CrazyKelly JensenNon-fictionA conversation starter and guide to better understanding how our mental health affects us every day with 30 contributors providing their insight and experience.
Reasons to Stay AliveMatt HaigMemoirAt the age of 24, the writer himself suffered from severe depression. In the book, he unfolded how he recovered and learned to live with depression.
First, We Make the Beast BeautifulSarah WilsonNon-fictionInsight and personal stories on living with anxiety.
"Emotional Resilience: How to Safeguard Your Mental Health"Dr. Harry BarryNon-fictionIn this audiobook, best-selling author and GP Dr Harry Barry reveals how you can unlock your inner emotional resilience reserves, deal with the challenges of life and protect your mental health. He explores the key skills needed to transform your emotional capacity and reach your full potential.
Get Out of Your Own WayMark Goulston and Philip GoldbergNon-fictionAll about overcoming self-defeating behaviour
Furiously HappyJenny LawsonNon-fictionThe author's direct experience with mental illness
The Noonday DemonAndrew SolomonNon-fictionThe author's memoir about his own mental health
Little PanicAmanda SternNon-fictionThe author's account of her mental health journey
The Anxiety Survival Guide for TeensJennifer ShannonNon-fictionA guide on CBT skills for teens to use when dealing with anxiety. The book explains anxiety first, and then describes ways to reframe thinking and combat it.
A Boy and a Bear: The Children’s Relaxation BookLori LiteFictionChildren's book teaching relaxation skills.
Gordy the Rabbit has ADHDJessie ShepherdFictionChildren's book on ADHD
Let’s Talk about Taking Care of You: An Educational Book about Body SafetyPhD Lori Stauffer and PhD Esther DeblingerNon-fictionChildren's book talking about personal safety and coping skills.
A Little SPOT of AnxietyDiane AlberFictionChildren's book on anxiety and how to address it
The Body Keeps the Score: Brain, Mind, and Body in the Healing of Traumaby Bessel van der Kolk M.D.Non-fictionBook on the affects of trauma on the brain and development.
An Unquiet Mind: A Memoir of Moods and MadnessKay Remfield JamisonNon-fictionA psychologists's memoir on dealing with bipolar disorder.
Will I Ever Be Good Enough?: Healing the Daughters of Narcissistic MothersDr. Karyl McBride PHDNon-fictionIt's a book on how children of narcissistic mothers can deal with the scars of childhood trauma.
The Sociopath Next DoorMartha StoutNon-fictionBook on how to identify sociopaths.
MeditationsMarcus AureliusNon-fictionMeditations is a series of personal writings by Marcus Aurelius, Roman Emperor from 161 to 180 AD, recording his private notes to himself and ideas on Stoic philosophy and self-improvement.
Stuff That SucksBen SedleySelf-helpStuff That Sucks provides the reader with ideas and skills that can help them manage their mental health.
Not that Kind of GirlLena DunhamNon-fictionIn a collection of essays, Lena Dunham reflects her experiences through womanhood
Some Kind of HappinessClaire LegrandFictionBook about teenager struggling with depression creating a fantasy world.
MosquitolandDavid ArnoldFictionA teen's journey to find her way back to her depressed mother.
Finding AudreySophia KinsellaFictionA socially anxious woman is befriended by someone who helps her take on new challenges.
More Happy Than NotAdam SilveraFictionA teen's struggle after his father commits suicide.
Highly Illogical BehaviorJohn Corey WhaleyFictionAn agoraphobia leaves his home for the first time in 3 years and befriends someone.
Made You UpFrancesca ZappiaFictionA high school senior who is schizophrenic questions if her idyllic life is reality.
The Rest of Us Just Live HerePatrick NessFictionA realistic look at what it's like to suffer OCD.
Free VerseSarah DooleyFictionUsing poetry, a teen starts to regain her voice and herself.
We've Been Too PatientEdited by L. D. Green and Kelechi UbozohNon-fictionStories that break the stigmas that surround mental health.
How to Stop Feeling Like Sh*t: 14 Habits That Are Holding You Back From HappinessAndrea OwenSelf-helpIn her novel, Andrea discusses harmful habits and how they get in the way of mental wellness.
It's Kind of a Funny StoryNed VizziniFictionCraig struggles with keeping up with the stress of his future and his new highschool when he checks into a mental hospital.
Crazy like UsEthan WattersNon-FictionThis book looks into the differences of mental illnesses through different cultures. It looks into the Westernization of mental illnesses and how that can ultimately lead to more harm than good.
The Subtle Art of Not Giving a Fu**Mark MansonNon-Fiction (Advices)This book gives you practical advice about how not to get stressed out about things you should not be stressed about.
Man's Search for MeaningViktor FranklNon-FictionMan's Search for Meaning is a 1946 book by Viktor Frankl chronicling his experiences as a prisoner in Nazi concentration camps during World War II, and describing his psychotherapeutic method, which involved identifying a purpose in life to feel positive about, and then immersively imagining that outcome.
Get Out of Your Head: Stopping the Spiral of Toxic ThoughtsJennie AllenSelf-help book, Christian literatureFeeling stuck, frustrated, and defeated? Allen believes the solution is simple: how we think shapes how we live. We can learn to stop thoughts that leave us prey to toxic patterns like victimhood, anxiety, and distraction. Drawing on biblical teaching and neuroscience, she shows how to fight the enemies of the mind with the truth of God.
The Art of Not Falling ApartChristina PattersonAutobiographyA joyous, moving, and sometimes shockingly honest celebration of life as an adventure, one where you ditch your expectations, raise a glass, and prepare for a rocky ride.
Obsessed: A Memoir of My Life with OCDAllison BritzBiography, Young adult non-fictionA brave teen recounts her debilitating struggle with obsessive-compulsive disorder—and brings readers through every painful step as she finds her way to the other side—in this powerful and inspiring memoir.
Maybe You Should Talk to Someone: A Therapist, Her Therapist, and Our Lives RevealedLori GottliebNon-FictionA memoir where the author portrays a difficult time in her professional and personal life. She shows her experiences both as a therapist and someone receiving therapy.
Eleanor Oliphant is Completely FineGail HoneymanFictionThe novel focuses on 29-year-old Eleanor Oliphant, a social misfit with a traumatic past who becomes enamoured of a singer, whom she believes she is destined to be with.
Depression Is a LiarDanny BakerBiography/MemoirDepression is a Liar is a memoir that recounts my struggle and eventual triumph over depression. It is highly recommended for the following people: People who don't believe that it's possible to recover from depression and find happiness again (I will show you that it is);
The Price of Silence: A Mom's Perspective on Mental IllnessLiza LongNon-FictionThe emotional response she posted on her blog went viral, putting Long at the center of a passionate controversy. Now, she takes the next step. Powerful and shocking, The Price of Silence looks at how society stigmatizes mental illness—including in children—and the devastating societal cost. In the wake of repeated acts of mass violence, Long points the way forward.
The Heart and the BottleOliver Jeffers(Picture book) fictionAn inquisitive little girl, who is enchanted by the world around her, is badly shaken when she loses someone she loves. She retreats into herself and as she gets older, stops noticing the stars and the sea, which she had previously delighted in.
SeasonsBlexbolex(Picture book) fictionThis boldly illustrated book takes the reader through the symphony of the four seasons. It captures the great moments of winter, spring, summer and fall with fascinating simplicity.
MAPSAleksandra Mizielinska; Daniel Mizielinski(Picture book) fictionMAPS is an aesthetically pleasing, antique-type depiction of various countries’ borders and topography. The book also includes interesting information about various countries’ culture
Bentley and BlueberryRandy Houk(Picture book) fictionBlueberry is a lonely stray dog sitting in a shelter waiting for a family. Bentley is loved but lonely puppy. When the two meet, it brings mayhem and happiness to their owner Ms. Moody’s life. This book is based upon a true story.
OliviaIan Falconer(Picture book) fictionEvery Olivia book is a delightful journey into the mind of a young girl. With simple but character-filled illustrations, every one of Olivia’s adventures – whether real or imaginary – are fun.
Polar Bear, Polar Bear, What Do You Hear?Bill Martin Jr. ;Eric Carle(Picture book) fictionThis poetic tale of a day at the zoo depicts Eric Carle’s amazing creativity, coupled with Bill Martin’s sense of rhyme for an enjoyable exploration through the eyes of animals.
CorduroyDon Freeman(Picture book) fictionCorduroy – a little bear all alone on a department store shelf – finds the love of a young girl, only to be abandoned because of his broken overalls. Corduroy ventures off his shelf to find a button to fix his overalls, but despite his escapades through the department store, he cannot fix them.
JumanjiChris Van Allsburg(Picture book) fictionJumanji – the only board game that literally sucks you in – is an amazing jungle adventure that comes to life and symbolizes a son’s conflict with his father and his transformation into adulthood.
Charlie and the Chocolate FactoryRoald DahlFictionIn its 50th year, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory is still celebrating the unlikely friendship between Charlie Bucket – a boy living in abject poverty – and Willy Wonka – the successful chocolatier without a family. This tale of love, triumph and family continues to amaze children from five to 95.
The RiverAlessandro Sanna(Picture book) fictionThe very talented Alessandro Sanna takes us through the seasons with divine watercolor pictorials of each season’s special burst of color and flair.
FoxMargaret Wild, illustrated by Ron Brooks(Picture book) fictionAnother amazing illustrated book, this story explores the wonderful side of friendship and the dark side of jealousy.
Voices in the ParkAnthony Browne(Picture book) fictionSometimes seeing the world from another person’s point of view can be difficult. Voices in the Park enlightens adults and children alike on how to see life from another person’s perspective and how to look beyond our own prejudice.
FrankensteinRick Walton, illustrated by Nathan Hale(Picture book) fictionWalton’s parody of Ludwig Bemelmans’s Madeline features a not-so-scary Frankenstein encompassing the fun spirit of Halloween.
Lights Out!John Himmelman(Picture book) fictionHimmelman’s book is for moms, dads and sisters who have always wanted to know what really goes on at Boy Scout Camp, or for Boy Scouts who want to remember the silly stuff that makes camp so memorable.
Still AliceLisa GenovaFictionStill Alice is a compelling debut novel about a 50-year-old woman's sudden descent into early onset Alzheimer's disease.
The Swan ThievesElizabeth KostovaNovelKostova's masterful new novel travels from American cities to the coast of Normandy, from the late 19th century to the late 20th, from young love to last love. The Swan Thieves is a story of obsession, history's losses, and the power of art to preserve human hope.
The Bell JarSylvia PlathFictionThe Bell Jar details the life of Esther Greenwood, a college student who dreams of becoming a poet. She is selected for a month-long summer internship as a guest editor of Ladies' Day magazine, but her time in New York City is unfulfilling as she struggles with issues of identity and societal norms.
Mrs DallowayVirginia WoolfFictionThis novel examines one day in the life of Clarissa Dalloway, an upper-class Londoner married to a member of Parliament. Mrs. Dalloway is essentially plotless; what action there is takes place mainly in the characters' consciousness
A Beautiful MindSylvia NasarBiographyThe life of a Nobel-Prize winning mathematician and how schizophrenia affected his work and personal life.
The Collected Schizophrenias: EssaysEsme Weijun WangBiography, Autobiography/
The Happiness TrapRuss HarrisSelf-Help Book/
My Year of Rest and RelaxationOttessa MoshfeghFictionThis novel is set in New York City in 2000 and 2001 and follows an unnamed protagonist as she gradually escalates her use of prescription medications in an attempt to sleep for an entire year.
One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s NestKen KeseyFictionSet in an Oregon psychiatric hospital, the narrative serves as a study of institutional processes and the human mind; including a critique of psychiatry, and a tribute to individualistic principles.



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TypeNameNumber/Access Point
SuicideNational Suicide Prevention Hotline1-800-273-8255
TherapyCrisis Counselor Text HOME to 741741 to connect with a Crisis Counselor.
TherapyCrisis Text LineCONNECT to 741741
Mental Health InfoNational Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI)1-800-950-NAMI (6264)
Substance AbuseSubstance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA)800-662-HELP (4357
Crisis Text LineKids Help Phone1-800-668-6868
National HelplineSAMHSA1-800-662-HELP (4357)
Crisis Services/HotlineCrisis Services Canada1-833-456-4566
SuicideNational Suicide Prevention Hotline (USA)1-800-799-4889 (Deaf & Hard of Hearing Option)
CrisisSamaritans (UK)116-123
Mental Health HelplineNational Mental Health & Addictions Helpline (NZ)Call or Text 1737 to receive support from a trained counsellor
Mental Health HelplineBeyond Blue (Australia)1300-22-4636
Crisis Support, Suicide Prevention & Mental Health SupportLifeline (Australia)13-11-14
SuicideSuicide Hotline Algeria0021-3983-2000-58
Counselling ServicesMensLine Australia1300-78-99-78
Crisis HotlineYouth Crisis Hotline by Initiative for Development (Azerbaijan)510-66-36
SuicideNational Suicide Hotline (The Bahamas)322-2763
SuicideStichting Zelfmoordlijn 1813 (Belgium-Dutch)1813
SuicideStichting Centre de Prévention du Suicide80032123
Mental Health SupportCentro de Valorização da Vida141
Counseling Services/CrisisTrans LifelineU.S. (877) 565-8860 and Canada (877) 330-6366
Suicide Hotline CenterSuicide Prevention, Suicide Awareness, and
Teen HotlineTeen Link: Crisis Connections866-833-6546
Adult Mental Health24 hour crisis line (Hawaii)Oahu: 832-3100, Neighbor Islands: 1-800-753-6879, ALOHA to 741741
LGBTQ+ Suicide LineLGBTQ+ HotLineNational: 888-843-4564, Youth: 800-246-7743
BIPOC HotlineBlack line1 (800) 604-5841
Eating Disorder HelplineNational Eating Disorders Association Helpline1-800-931-2237 (Monday-Thursday 11am-9pm ET, Friday 11am-5pm ET)
Mental Health HotlineNaseeha Youth Helpline1-866-627-3342. ( 7 days 12 - 9pm EST)
Mental Health and Counselling serviceBlack Youth Helpline1-833-294-8650 (Everyday 9am - 10pm)
Mental Health and Substance UseWellness Together CanadaText WELLNESS to 741741
Crisis and SuicideGirls & Boys Town National Hotline1-800-448-3000
International ServicesSingapore Mental Health Helpline (24 hours)6389-2222
International ServicesSamaritans of Singapore (24 hours)1800-221-4444
International ServicesSingapore Association for Mental Health1800-283-7019
International ServicesTinkle Friend (for primary school-aged children)1800-274-4788
International ServicesCare Corner Counselling Hotline (Mandarin)1800-353-5800
Eating Disorder HelplineANAD Eating Disorder Helpline (Monday–Friday from 9 a.m.–5 p.m. CST)1-630-577-1330
Anxiety HelplineNo Panic844-967-4848 (18+)
Teen HelplineTeen-Line1-310-855-HOPE (4673) or 1-800-TLC-TEEN (852-8336)
Anxiety HelplineADH(866) 971-7951
Eating Disorder HelplineB-eat (Beat Eating Disorders)0808-801-0677
Youth Help LineYouthLine1-877-968-8491
LGBTQIA+ Help LineThe Trevor Project1-866-488-7386
LGBTQIA+ Help LineLGBT National Hotline1-888-843-4564
Mental Health HotlineSome Other Solutions1-780-743-4357
Crisis and SuicideIMALIVE1-202-536-3200
Suicide HotlineCanadian Association for Suicide Prevention1-819-339-3356
Depression Help LineDepression Line1-630-482-9696
Eating Disorder HotlineEating Disorders Hotline1-847-831-3438
LGBTQIA+ Help LineLGBT Youth Support Line1-800-850-8078
Mental Health InfoNational Institute of Mental Health1-866-615-6464



Kingdom of Us (2017) NetflixNon-fiction/documentaryThe story of a family's grief and struggles after the suicide of the father
The Stranger on a Bridge (2015)YoutubeNon-fiction/documentaryThe story of Jonny Benjamin, and his struggles with schizophrenia and his attempt to take his own life
Head TalksYoutube ChannelYoutube channelTips, tricks, education and support on mental health
Me and My Mental HealthChannel 5Non-fiction/documentaryStories of people and their mental health journeys
WTFIMH? What the Fuck is Mental Health?YoutubeNon-fiction/documentary"What's it like being young, Black, and self-aware? Ask Anika. Ask Jonathan. Ask Clyla. Ask Cleon. Ask Shawn. Ask Ashley. Ask Mecca."
ThinYoutube, AmazonNon-fiction/documentaryThis documentary follows four young women dealing with eating disorders
Project HappinessYoutube (trailer, available on Amazon Prime/Vimeo)Non-fiction/documentary 
ADAA WebinarsYoutube ChannelThe Anxiety and Depression Association of America (ADAA) is the leader in education, training, and research for anxiety, depression, and stress-related disorders. 
The surprisingly dramatic role of nutrition in mental healthTedTalkClinical psychologist Julia Rucklidge explores a range of scientific research, including her own, showing the significant role played by nutrition in mental health or illness. 
LonelinessYoutube ChannelFrom Kuzegesagt - Everybody feels lonely sometimes. But only few of us are aware how important this feeling was for our ancestors - and that our modern world can turn it into something that really hurts us. Why do we feel this way and what can we do about it? 
To Write Love on Her Arms (2012)Drama Film (trailer on youtube)TWLOHA is a 2012 American biographical drama film based on the life of troubled teenager Renee Yohe and the founding of To Write Love on Her Arms by Jamie Tworkowski, after he and others helped Yohe to overcome her challenges enough to be able to enter rehab. 
What They Don't Tell You About Mental Illness[TedTalk]Elizabeth Medina speaks on her own experience with mental illness, and why she believes that mental health is not a personal problem, but a communal one. 
DissociaDIDYoutube ChannelDedicated to destigmatize, educate, and debunk the media's erroneous portrayal of Dissociative Identity Disorder 
La magia del CaosYoutube ChannelPodcast with Aislinn Derbez and experts on how to face society, obstacles, and our inner monsters 
How To Manage Your Mental HealthTedTalkLeon Taylor explains how mental and physiological health go hand in hand, and how physical activity can be an excellent tool for mental wellness. 



Organizations, Social Media Pages, Informational Articles, & Youtube Channels

NameTypeRelated Information
The Trevor ProjectOrganizationThe Trevor Project works with LGBTQIA+ youth and provides support.
GLSENOrganizationGLSEN helps students and educators support LGBTQIA+ people.
PFLAGOrganizationPFLAG provides support for LGBTQIA+ people and their families.
StonewallOrganizationStonewall works with institutions to create inclusivity and acceptance.
National Center for Transgender EqualityOrganizationNational Center for Transgender Equality adovcates for transgender rights.
Here N QueerOrganizationHere N Queer strives to make the world more accepting through the power of outreach and education.
Black TransmenOrganizationBlack Transmen strives to ensure that all transgender men are treated equally.
Marsha P. Johnson InstituteOrganizationIn honor of Marsha P. Johnson, the MPJI advocates black transgender people.
It Gets Better ProjectOrganizationThe It Gets Better Project helps LGBTQIA+ people to share their stories.
Equality FederationOrganizationThe Equality Federation strives to amplify the power of state based LGBTQIA+ equality orginizations.
Victory FundOrganizationVictory Fund works towards electing more LGBTQIA+ leaders.
CenterLinkOrganizationCenterLink develops LGBTQIA+ centers in the United States.
GLAADOrganizationGLAAD empowers LGBTQIA+ people to share their experiences.
Get EqualOrganizationGet Equal pushes to increase equality for LGBTQIA+ people.
IGLYOOrganizationIGLYO focuses on leaderships development for LGBTQIA+ youth.
GSA NetworkOrganizationA hub for GSA clubs.
The Attic Youth CenterOrganizationThe Attic creates healthy opportunities for LGBTQIA+ youth.
Trans Youth Family AlliesOrganizationTrans Family Allies helps people become better allies to transgender people in their life.
National LGBTQ Task ForceOrganizationThe National LGBTQ Task Force promotes activism and equality for LGBTQIA+ people.
Matthew Shepard FoundationOrganizationThe Matthew Shepard Foundations honors Matthew Shepard by sharing his stories to inspire social change.
Native OutOrganizationNonprofit dedicated to Two Spirit and LGBTQIA+ Natives.
Native Youth Sexual Health NetworkOrganizationResources for Two Spirit and LGBTQIA+ Natives.
We R NativeOrganizationNot exclusively LGBTQIA+ resources, but provides several resources for Two Spirit and LGBTQIA+ Natives.
YSM LGBTOrganizationNot exclusively LGBTQIA+ resources, but provides several resources for Two Spirit and LGBTQIA+ Natives.
Bay Area American Indian Two SpiritsOrganization"BAAITS is a community-based volunteer organization offering culturally relevant activities for Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender and Intersex Native Americans, their families and friends."
National LGBT Cancer NetworkOrganizationProviding support to LGBTQIA+ people impacted by cancer.
First Nations Two Spirit CollectiveOrganizationNonprofit that works toward Two Spirit LGBTQIA+ justice.
@herenqueer.projectSocial media (Instagram)Educational account that shares LGBTQIA+ stories and more.
@mattxivSocial media (Instagram)Informational, artistic posts regarding LGBTQ+ issues.
@buzzfeedlgbtqSocial media (Instagram)As their bio states, BuzzFeed LGBTQ is the hub for “All Things Queer, All Year.”
@trevorprojectSocial media (Instagram)Motivational quotes, positive reminders, and information LGBTQIA+ issues. media (Instagram)Powerful images and quotes that strengthen the LGBTQIA+ community.
@lgbtSocial media (Instagram)Features of LGBTQIA+ people from around the world.
@prideSocial media (Instagram)Features of LGBTQIA+ people from around the world and LGBTQIA+ related posts.
@lgbtqSocial media (Instagram)Features of LGBTQIA+ people from around the world and LGBTQIA+ related posts.
@hellomynameiswednesdaySocial media (Instagram)LGBTQIA+ graphics on mental health and other issues.
@gaytimesSocial media (Instagram)An account for all LGBTQIA+ related news.
@justlovingothergirlsSocial media (Instagram)comics about WLW (original and reposted)
@probably_panSocial media (Instagram)LGBTQ+ memes and general support (frequent check ins and reminders to take care of yourself)
@lgbt_historySocial media (Instagram)Pictures from historic LGBTQ+ protests and pride parades.
@thisislgbthistorySocial media (Instagram)Informational posts about the LGBTQ+ community as well as historical and ongions events.
@lgbtqsportSocial media (Instagram)Informational posts about the overlap between athletic and LGBTQ+ communities
@LGBTEqCaucusSocial media (Twitter)Congressional caucus committed to achieving the full enjoyment of human rights for LGBTQ+
@GLMA_LGBTHealthSocial media (Twitter)Advocating for equal healthcare experiences for LGBTQ patients and doctors
@VictoryFundSocial media (Twitter)Political lobbying group "political arm of the LGBTQ+ community"
@AMERICAblogGaySocial media (Twitter)Blog about LGBTQ+ politics
@OutRightIntlSocial media (Twitter)International LGBTQ+ rights advocacy
"How to Support Bisexual Youth."Informational ArticleBy The Trevor Project
"Protect Your Space and Well-Being on Instagram."Informational ArticleBy The Trevor Project
"Coming Out. A Handbook For LGBTQ Young People."Informational ArticleBy The Trevor Project
"A Guide to Being an Ally for Transgender and Nonbinary Youth."Informational ArticleBy The Trevor Project
"Coming Out at Work."Informational ArticleBy Human Rights Campaign
"Coming Out: Living Authentically as Black LGBTQ People."Informational ArticleBy Human Rights Campaign
"Resource Guide to Coming Out as Bisexual."Informational ArticleBy Human Rights Campaign
"A Call to Action: LGBTQ Youth Need Inclusive Sex Education"Informational ArticleBy Human Rights Campaign
"National Survey on LGBTQ Youth Mental Health 2020"Informational ArticleBy The Trevor Project
"Black and LGBTQ: Approaching Intersectional Conversations"Informational ArticleBy The Trevor Project
"A Closer Look: Bisexual Transgender People"Informational ArticleBy Movement Advancement Project
"How LGBTQ youth can cope with anxiety and stress during COVID-19"Informational ArticleBy The Trevor Project
"LGBTQ Student Resources & Support"Informational ArticleBy Human Rights Campaign
"Laws and Legislations"Informational ArticleBy Human Rights Campaign
"Welcoming Schools"Informational ArticleBy Human Rights Campaign
"Be an Ally - Support Trans Equality"Informational ArticleBy Human Rights Campaign
"Bisexual Visibility in the Workplace"Informational ArticleBy Human Rights Campaign
"LGBTQ Rights Milestones Fast Facts"Informational ArticleBy CNN Editorial Research
"Coming Out"Informational ArticleBy KidsHealth
"LGBTQ2S+: What does it mean?Informational ArticleBy KidsHelpPhone
"Identifying as LGBTQ2S+ and coming out"Informational ArticleBy KidsHelpPhone
"6 inspiring transgender icons"Informational ArticleBy KidsHelpPhone
"Can't make it to Pride? You can still be an ally"Informational ArticleBy KidsHelpPhone
"Gender Identity and gender expression"Informational ArticleBy KidsHelpPhone
"Understanding the Impact of COVID on the LGBTQI movement"Informational ArticleBy Movement Advancement Project
"The changing face of drag: How performers are keeping the show going during a pandemic"Informational ArticleBy Global News
"Supporting Black LGBTQ Youth Mental Health"Informational ArticleBy Trevor Project
"LGBTQ History"Informational ArticleBy GLSEN
"LGBTQ Heritage Theme Study"Informational ArticleBy National Park Service
"What Does Allyship With Non-binary Students Look Like?"Informational ArticleBy GLSEN
"Pronoun Guide"Informational ArticleBy GLSEN
"Gender Identity"Informational ArticleBy Stonewall Youth
"How Are LGBT Youths Affected by Discrimination and What Can Schools Do to Help?"Informational ArticleBy Gaell Jocelyn-Blackman
"Freedom of Expression Under Threat"Informational ArticleBy Human Rights Watch / Graeme Reid
"Health Care Problems of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Patients"Informational ArticleBy Rita Lee
"Coming Out Guide"Informational ArticleBy OUTLine
"A Get-Started Guide to LGBT Mental Health Resources"Informational ArticleBy Pride
"A guide to LGBT mental health resources"Informational ArticleBy Pink News
"Working With Two Spirit and Native LGBTQ Youth"Informational ArticleBy Tribal Information Exchange
"Tribal Equality Toolkit"Informational ArticleBy Native American Program of Legal Aid Services of Oregon, et al.
matt bernsteinYoutubeMatt provides relatable and funny content that relates to LGBTQIA+ issues.
UnsolicitedProjectYoutubeUnsolicitedProject has Q&As, advice, and misconsceptions about what it's like to be a gay woman.
Gay Family ValuesYoutubeGay Family Values share their experience about what it is like to have a family with two fathers.
Girlfriends TVYoutube This channel tackles many LGBTQIA+ issues using comedy.
V-SquaredYoutubeV-Squared documents the day to day life of a gay couple.
Psych2GoYoutubePsych2Go explains a lot of different topics and has great LGBTQIA+ videos.
ItTakesCourageYoutubeItTakesCourage explains the history and educates topics relating to LGBTQIA+
Human Rights CampaignYoutubeThis channel tackles many LGBTQIA+ issues using the voice of the people.
Pink NewsYoutube ChannelThis channel explains and defines the LGBTQIA+ identities
Alex BertieYoutubeThis channel explains FTM issues and topics. (and other LGBTQIA+ topics)
JazzaJohnYoutubeThis channel covers LGBTQIA+ related politics.
nowthisislivingYoutube ChannelNowthisisliving creates LGBTQIA+ related lifestyle videos.
Karin & SkylerYoutubeKarin & Skyler share their life as a couple on Youtube.
Joey GraceffaYoutube ChannelLifestyle videos for LGBTQIA+ icon Joey.
Todrick HallYoutubeDrag related content.
Jazz JenningsYoutubeContent documenting the experience of transgender woman Jazz Jennings.
Gigi GoregousYoutubeLifestyle videos for lesbian and transgender model/actress Gigi G
Tyler OakleyYoutubeComedy and LGBTQIA+ related videos.
Lil Nas XYoutubeChannel of gay songwriter Lil Nas X.
Amber's ClosetYoutube Fashion, comedy, and LGBTQIA+ videos.

Music, Podcast, Support Groups, Apps, & Blogs

NameTypeRelated Information
Girls Like GirlsMusicArtist: Hayley Kiyoko
BulletproofMusicArtist: La Roux
SheMusicArtist: dodie
Sweater WeatherMusicArtist: girl in red
Watermelon SugarMusicArtist: Harry Styles
Making Gay HistoryPodcastMarcus conducts interviews detailing the thoughts and stories of LGBTQIA+ trailblazers.
NancyPodcastCo hosts share stories of everyday queer people and allies and personal expieriences.
Lovett or Leave ItPodcastA former speach writer for Obama, gay MC Jon Lovett hosts his queer podcast with rotatings guests. From fun to serious, Lovett ventures from creative games to commentary on anti-lgbtqia+ legislation in his podcast.
QueeryPodcastComedian Cameron Esposito carries hour long coversations with diverse members of the LGBTQIA+ community.
To L and BackPodcastA podcast that gives tribute to the women who paved the way for LGBTQIA+ televison
LBGTribeSupport groupLGBTribe creates a safe space for individuals to discuss their mental health and prejudices they face.
Q Chat SpaceSupport groupQ Chat Space has open chat rooms for LGBTQIA+ youth to discuss the challenges they are facing. All meetings are monitored by trained facilitators.
7 Cups LGBTQ Chat RoomSupport groupTalking to someone is a 1-1 conversation or a chat room to discuss LGBTQ+ topics.
NAMI LGBTQ+ Support GroupsSupport groupNAMI LGBTQ+ support groups are a free, safe place to LGBTQIA+ people. to discuss their experience with mental illness.
Gender SpectrumSupport groupGender Spectrum hosts free online groups for pre-teens, teens, and adults.
LGBTQ Teens Online Talk Group by GLBTSupport groupA weekly group for LGBTQIA+ teens (19 or younger) to talk about current issues.
Trans Youth Online Talk Group by GLBTSupport groupA weekly group for transgender or gender expansive youth (aged 13 or younger)
Trans Teens Online Talk Group by GLBTSupport groupA weekly group for transgender or gender expansive youth (aged 19 or younger)
LGBT National Online Peer-Support ChatSupport groupOnline chat with a trained LGBTQIA+ support volunteer to discuss any concerns.
LGBT Support Groups on MeetupSupport groupFind LGBTQIA+ support groups near you!
Pride CounselingAppPride Counseling is an app for LGBTQIA+ online counseling that matches the user to a counselor.
Sowlmate- Self-care. LGBTQ+AppThis app includes mediations and self-care activities, each catered towards the LGBTQIA+ person.
Refuge RestroomsAppRefuge Restrooms maps safe restrooms for transgender people, intersex people, and gendernonconforming people.
PinkNewsAppPinkNews is a news app for all things LGBTQIA+.
GoQueerAppGoQueer maps places near you that are relevant to LGBTQIA+ history.
No Straight NewsBlogThe latest LGBTQIA+ news and stories.
Out SportsBlogLGBTQIIA+ sports publication.
Joe My GodBlogLGBTQIA+ news and culture blog.
Out and EqualBlogOut & Equal is a LGBTQIA+ blog dedicated to workplace equality.
The Fab FemmeBlogThe Fab Femme is a magazine that aims to create a safe space for LGBTQIA+ women.

Books & Hotlines

NameTypeRelated InformationDescription
"Loving Ourselves: The Gay and Lesbian Guide to Self Esteem."BookBy Kimeron HardinThis guide helps one dive into the issue of self-esteem within the LGBTQIA+ community
"The Velvet Rage: Overcoming the Pain of Growing Up Gay in a Straight Man's World."BookBy Alan DownsIn his novel, Downs outlines the three stages of emotional well-being for gay men, as well as the struggles that gay men face in today's world.
"Queer Blues: The Lesbian and Gay Guide to Overcoming Depression."BookBy Kimeron Hardin (and others).Queer Blues guides the reader to help overcome depression and other mental health struggles.
"LGBTQ Mental Health: International Perspectives and Experiences (Perspectives on Sexual Orientation and Diversity)."BookEdited by Dr. Nadine Nakamura (and others).This novel helps one comprehend the unique struggles that the LGBTQIA+ community faces.
"Headcase: LGBTQ Writers & Artists on Mental Health and Wellness."BookEdited by Stephanie Schroeder (and others).A collection of personal reflections and art that show how mental wellness, mental illness, and LGBTQ identity intersect.
"Pocket Guide to LGBT LGBTQ Mental Health: Understanding the Spectrum of Gender and Sexuality."BookEdited by Petros Levounis (and others)."The book discusses psychological and cultural contexts and challenges faced by patients and addresses questions that well-meaning people may ask..."
"The Queer and Transgender Resilience Workbook: Skills for Navigating Sexual Orientation and Gender Expression (New Harbinger Self-Help Workbook)"BookBy Anneliese A. SinghA self-help workbook for queer people to build the skills of resilence and confidence.
"She/He/They/Me: For the Sisters, Misters, and Binary Resisters."BookBy Robyn Ryle"Jump headfirst into this refreshingly creative exploration of the ways gender colors every shade and shape of our world. Above all, it's more important than ever for us to celebrate the fact that there are infinite gender paths ― and each of them is beautiful."
"The Pride Guide: A Guide to Sexual and Social Health for LGBTQ Youth."BookBy Jo LangfordThe Pride Guide is a comprehensive guidebook for LGBTQIA+ youth on the topics of physical health, emotional health, and social health.
"People of the Pride Parade."BookBy Alyssa Blumstein (photographer)200 portraits that honor pride parade attendees.
"Pride & Joy: LGBTQ Artists, Icons and Everyday Heroes."BookBy Kathleen ArchambeauStories that feature LGBTQIA+ people of the world.
"We Make It Better: The LGBTQ Community and Their Positive Contributions to Society."BookBy Eric Rosswood and Kathleen ArchambeauA look at LGBTQIA+ history and notable people who changed the world.
"You and Your Gender Identity: A Guide to Discovery."BookBy Dara Hoffman-FoxYou and Your Gender Identity: A Guide to Discover "helps you navigate your journey of self-discovery in three approachable stages..."
"The Book of Pride: LGBTQ Heroes Who Changed the World."BookBy Mason FunkThe novel honors past LGBTQIA+ history, people who paved the way for LGBTQIA+ rights, and LGBTQIA+ people living in today's world.
"The Invisible Orientation: An Introduction to Asexuality."BookBy Julie Sondra DeckerA resource for anyone who is looking to learn more about asexuality.
"The ABC's of LGBT+"BookBy Ashley MardellA gender identity book for teens.
"This Book Is Gay."BookBy Juno DawsonA coming out "instruction manual."
"Queerfully and Wonderfully Made: A Guide for LGBTQ+ Christian Teens."BookBy Leigh FinkeA guide to everything and anything LGBTQIA+ specially made for Christan LGBTQIA+ teens.
"Love Boldly: Embracing Your LGBTQ Loved Ones and Your Faith."BookBy Becky Mackintosh"Experience Becky's journey and witness how her faith allowed her to embrace her religion and her gay son. She'll tell you that the answer to every question and conflict is love."
"Queerstory: An Infographic History of the Fight for LGBTQ+ Rights."BookBy Rebecca StricksonCelebrating historic events for the LGBTQIA+ community through the power of infographics.
The Trevor ProjectHotline866-488-7386 Crisis intervention, suicide prevention, support.
GLBT National Youth HotlineHotline800-246-7743Peer support.
GBLT National HotlineHotline888-843-4564Mental health, suicide prevention, general support.
Trans LifelineHotline1-877-565-8860Connects / provides transgender people with the help & support they need.
Pride InstituteHotline888-616-503118+ helpline that specializes in substance abuse, sexual health, and mental health.
GLBT National Senior HotlineHotline888-234-7243A safe space for senior callers to discuss LGBTQIA+ issues.
True Colors UnitedHotline212-461-4401LGBTQIA+ youth homelessness.
TrevorChatHotlineClick HereInstant messaging with a Trevor Project counselor.
TrevorTextHotlineText START to 678-678Text messaging with a Trevor Project counselor.
THRIVE LifelineHotline313-662-8209Crisis line for LGBTQIA+ people aged 18 or older.
Love Is RespectHotline1-866-331-947424/7 helpline for LGBTQIA+ teens experiencing violence in relationships.
Love Is Respect Text LineHotlineText LOVEIS to 1-866-331-947424/7 texting line for LGBTQIA+ teens experiencing violence in relationships.
LGBT YouthlineHotline647-694-4275Confidential peer to peer support for LGBTQIA+ teens.
LGBT Youthline (Text)HotlineText 647-694-4275Confidential peer to peer support for LGBTQIA+ teens.
LGBT Youthline (Chat)HotlineClick HereConfidential peer to peer support for LGBTQIA+ teens.
Fenway Health Adult HelplineHotline1-617-267-9001LGBTQIA+ helpline for adults (25+).
Fenway Health PeerlineHotline1-617-267-2535LGBTQIA+ peerline for youth (25 and under).
Pride Institute LGBTQ DependencyHotline1-800-547-7433Helpline for LGBTQIA+ people struggling with substance abuse.
LGBT Foundation HelplineHotline3453303030Helpline for general support for LGBTQIA+ individuals.
LGBTQIA+ Domestic Violence HotlineHotline1-800-799-7233Hotline for LGBTQIA+ individuals suffering from domestic violence.
DeQH Desi Helpline for LGBTQ South AsiansHotline908-367-3374Hotline for South Asian LGBTQIA+ individuals.
LGBTQIA+ Domestic Violence Chat OptionHotlineClick HereChatting with a trained professional for LGBTQIA+ individuals suffering from domestic violence.

Student Resources

NameTypeOther info
Active MindsOrganization/
American College Health Association (ACHA)Organization/
Campus Mind WorksOrganization/
UCI Student Wellness & Health PromotionOrganization/
American Academy of Child & Adolescent PsychiatryOrganization/
Student MindsOrganization/
The Pizza ProjectOrganization/
The Jed FoundationOrganization/
Immigrants RisingOrganization/
Half of UsOrganization/
National Federation of Families for Children's Mental HealthOrganization/
College Mental Health ProgramOrganization/
Center for Mental Health in Schools & Student/Learning Supports at UCLAOrganization/
Child Mind InstituteOrganization/
The National Child Traumatic Stress NetworkOrganization/
The Trevor ProjectOrganization/
The Youth Mental Health ProjectOrganization/
The Jason FoundationOrganization/
Higher Education Mental Health AllianceOrganization/
American College Counseling AssociationOrganization/
Global Coalition on Youth Mental HealthOrganization/
Hope LabOrganization/
Jordan Porco FoundationOrganization/
Partnership to End AdditionOrganization/
Sources of StrengthOrganization/
United Health CareOrganization/
PGH SchoolsOrganization/
Student Mental Health Agreement ProjectOrganization/
Health MindsOrganization/
Front DoorOrganization/
Here to HelpOrganization/
College Student AllianceOrganization/
University Mental Health Advisors NetworkOrganization/
Centre for Innovation in Campus Mental HealthOrganization/
More Feet on the GroundOrganization/
Post-Secondary Student Mental Health: Guide to a Systematic ApproachOrganization/
The Student Welfare Organisation of Southeast NorwayOrganization/
The WHO World Mental Health International College Student IntiativeOrganization/
About Student Mental HealthInformational Article/
Counselling for Student Mental Health problemsInformational Article/
The Collegiate Mental Health CouncilInformational Article/
Mental Health Needs Rise With PandemicInformational Article/
Critical Mental Health Resources for College StudentsInformational Article/
The Checkup: Meltdown U. And Mental Health Tips For Parents Of College KidsInformational Article/
Mental Health and Wellbeing for College StudentsInformational Article/
Anxiety and Depression Association of AmericaInformational Article/
Student Mental Health: Some Answers and More QuestionsInformational Article/
Office for StudentsInformational Article/
The Little Black BookInformational Article/
9 Student Tips to Mental Health and Wellness Amid COVIDInformational Article/
[Mental Health Tips for Students] ( Article 
11 Tips for Mental Health and WellbeingInformational Article/
How to Take Care of Your Mental Health in CollegeInformational Article/
7 Mental Health Tips for College StudentsInformational Article/
For Students: Self Care and Wellness During the COVID-19 PandemicInformational Article/
Tips for college students to maintain mental healthInformational Article/
Everyday Mental Health Tips for StudentsInformational Article/
5 Mental Health Tips for College StudentsInformational Article/
5 Mental Health Tips for University StudentsInformational Article/
Experts share tips to help students practice emotional and mental wellnessInformational Article/
How to Maintain Mental and Physical Health in CollegeInformational Article/
Student stress: self-help tipsInformational Article/
How to cope with student lifeInformational Article/
10 Mental Health Tips for Online StudentsInformational Article/
Student Mental Health Tips During COVID-19Informational Article/
Mental health tips for learning remotelyInformational Article/
3 Vital Tips for College Students Who Are Struggling With Mental HealthInformational Article/
Mental Health Tips for Online StudentsInformational Article/
Eight ways to look after your mental health as a studentInformational Article/
National Youth Crisis HotlineHotline1-800-448-4663
"School Mental Health - A Multidisciplinary Research and Practice Journal"BookBy Steven Evans
“Mental Health in Schools: Engaging Learners, Preventing Problems, and Improving Schools”BookBy Howard S Adelman and LINDA. TAYLOR
“Mental Health in Schools: A Guide to Pastoral & Curriculum Provision”BookBy Mark Prever
“The Teacher's Guide to Student Mental Health”BookBy William Dikel
“Student Mental Health: A Guide For Teachers, School and District Leaders, School Psychologists and Nurses, Social Workers, Counselors, and Parents”BookBy William Dikel
“Handbook of School Mental Health: Research, Training, Practice, and Policy”BookBy Catherine P. Bradshaw, Mark D. Weist, Julie Sarno Owens, Nancy A. Lever
“Tears of a Tiger”BookBy Sharon M. Draper
“Hey, Kiddo (National Book Award Finalist)”BookBy Jarrett J. Krosoczka
“Mental Health in Education: Building Good Foundations”BookBy Samantha Garner

Men's Resources

National Domestic HotlineOrganization
Mankind InitiativeOrganization
Men's AidOrganization
Mayo ClinicOrganization
Gay Men's Domestic Violence ProjectOrganization
One in ThreeOrganization
Government of CanadaOrganization
Good House KeepingOrganization
Men's advice LineOrganization
Abused Men in ScotlandOrganization
Rape, Abuse & Incest National NetworkOrganization
Reuters HealthOrganization
Domestic Violence Resource center VictoriaOrganization
Research GateOrganization
Psychology TodayOrganization
Philosophy TubeOrganization
Access Denied: The Problem of Abused Men in WashingtonOrganization
San Diego County Sheriff's DepartmentOrganization
Men's CenterOrganization
Citizens adviceOrganization
Psychiatric TimesOrganization
The GuardianOrganization
Reducing the risk of Domestic AbuseOrganization
Manitoulin ExpositorOrganization
Gulf Bend CenterOrganization
Rainbow HouseOrganization
Father's NetworkOrganization
D WOrganization
The Sydney Morning HeraldOrganization
Walking in Sober Boots (blog)Organization
National Institute of Mental Health - Men and Mental HealthOrganization
Movember - Staying ConnectedOrganization
Mental Health America - Mental Health For MenOrganization
HeadsUpGuys - Depression in MenOrganization
Face It FoundationOrganization
Psychology TodayOrganization
Men's(Man)ual for Good Mental HealthOrganization
Men's ShedOrganization
Dads In DistressOrganization
Here To HelpOrganization
Homewood HealthOrganization
5 minute guide to men's mental healthOrganization
Mental Health Compassion of CanadaOrganization
[Global Action on Men's Health)(
Foundation 49Organization - Men's Mental HealthOrganization
Canadian Mental Health Association - Men & Mental HealthOrganization
Men's Mental Health MonthOrganization
Beyond BlueOrganization
MensLine AustraliaOrganization
Healthy MaleOrganization
Men’s Minds MatterOrganization
Manly WellnessBlog
HumenInstagram Page
soberdaveInstagram Page
andysmanclubukInstagram Page
rwenshaunInstagram Page
Ten Percent Happier with Dan HarrisPodcast
Real Men FeelPodcast
The Art of ManlinessPodcast
The Secret MENS Business Podcast (SMB)Podcast
Men the PodcastPodcast
Brobriety: Sobriety, Mental Health, and Wellness For Men (And Women, and the Men and Women Who Love Them)Podcast
Men Who Talk HealPodcast
Men Are NutsPodcast
The Manxiety PodcastPodcast

Women's Resources

Well SeekOrganization
International Association for Women's Mental HealthOrganization
Office on Women's HealthOrganization
Sag Girls ClubOrganization
Black Women's Health ImperativeOrganization
National Institute of Mental Health: Women and Mental HealthOrganization
Girls IncOrganization
World Health Organization: Gender and Women's Mental HealthOrganization
Women's Mental WellnessOrganization
The Waiit ClubOrganization
Anxiety and Depression Association Of AmericaOrganization
Women's Mental HealthOrganization
Healthy Women and ChildrenOrganization
Women's Health MattersOrganization
MGH Centre for Women's Mental HealthOrganization
The Women's CenterOrganization
The Loveland FoundationOrganization
Maternal Mental Health Leadership AllianceOrganization
You Are a Badass: How to Stop Doubting Your Greatness and Start Living an Awesome LifeBook
Lean In: Women, Work, and the Will to LeadBook
Maybe You Should Talk to Someone: A Therapist, HER Therapist, and Our Lives RevealedBook
The Upside of Being Down: How Mental Health Struggles Led to My Greatest Successes in Work and LifeBook
A Women's Health Survival Guide: Helping You Become Your Best SelfBook
Black Women's Mental Health: Balancing Strength and VulnerabilityBook
Soothe Your Nerves: The Black Woman's Guide to Understanding and Overcoming Anxiety, Panic, and FearzBook
Hysterical: Why We Need to Talk About Women, Hormones, and Mental HealthBook
Mental Health Journal for womenBook
Journal Prompts for Women with DepressionBook
The Gifts of ImperfectionBook
Willow Weep for MeBook
This Is One Way to Dance: EssaysBook
Sister OutsiderBook
Furiously HappyBook
Haldol and Hyacinths: A Bipolar LifeBook
Marbles: Mania, Depression, Michelangelo and MeBook
Girl, Wash Your Face: Stop Believing the Lies About Who You Are So You Can Become Who You Were Meant to BeBook
Self-Love Workbook for Women: Release Self-Doubt, Build Self-Compassion, and Embrace Who You AreBook
You Are a Badass Every Day: How to Keep Your Motivation Strong, Your Vibe High, and Your Quest for Transformation UnstoppableBook
MGH Centre for Women's Mental Health BlogBlog
Exhale: A Blog For Women’s Mental & Emotional HealthBlog
Women's Mental Health TalksInstagram Page
Erika RaeInstagram Page
Pooja Lakshmin MDInstagram Page
Therapy for Black GirlsPodcast
The Rising WomanPodcast

International Resources

Coming soon.

The Mental Health Changemakers

Abigayle Peterson, Founder and Executive Director of Magnify

Benetta Wang, Changemaker 2020, Co-Director

Chetna Kumari, Changemaker 2020, Co-Director

Nora VanRees, Changemaker 2020, Co-Director; CEO and Founder of Here N Queer

Abi Mirambel, Researcher for Here N Queer

Aishwarya Thadiparthi, Changemaker 2020, Volunteer

Alexandra Telescu, Changemaker 2020, Volunteer

Allie Warmuth, Researcher for Here N Queer

Andrew Munteanu, Changemaker 2020, Volunteer, Mentor and Tech Team Member

Carolina Nazario, Changemaker 2020, Volunteer, Founder of The Paris Project

Charlene Martin, Changemaker 2020, Volunteer

Coco Ji, Changemaker 2020, Volunteer

Dhruvi Gari, Changemaker 2020, Volunteer

Eesha Patel, Changemaker 2020, Volunteer

Elena San Jose, Changemaker 2020, Volunteer, Research Team Leader

Elif Kaya, Changemaker 2020, Volunteer

Hannah Lexer, Changemaker 2020, Volunteer

Hannah Pham, Changemaker 2020, Volunteer

Harrison Toppen-Ryan, Changemaker 2020, Volunteer

Jean Hyun Kim, Changemaker 2020, Volunteer

Johnny Libenzon, Changemaker 2020, Volunteer, Lead Mentor for Magnify

Juli Malit, Changemaker 2020, Volunteer, Tech Team Leader

Kathleen White, Changemaker 2020, Volunteer

Kristin Jung, Changemaker 2020, Volunteer

Madison Wang, Changemaker 2020, Volunteer

Marisa Dominguez, Changemaker 2020, Volunteer

Mohammed Hassan, Changemaker 2020, Volunteer

Natalie Wong, Changemaker 2020, Volunteer, Tech Team Member

Nicole Domingo, Changemaker 2020, Volunteer

Ore James, Changemaker 2020, Volunteer

Pimnara Boondoungprasert, Changemaker 2020, Volunteer Graphic Design Intern for Magnify

Rachel Leslie, Researcher for Here N Queer

Rachel Xie, Changemaker 2020, Volunteer

Reyna Morales Lumagui, Changemaker 2020, Volunteer

Sara Mohammed, Changemaker 2020, Volunteer

Sara Sunderji, Researcher for Here N Queer

Shaharyar Choudhry, Changemaker 2020, Volunteer

Stephanie Nguyen, Changemaker 2020, Volunteer

Stuti Dave, Changemaker 2020, Volunteer, Graphic Design Intern for Magnify

Tiffany Yeung, Changemaker 2020, Volunteer

Twinkle Thind, Changemaker 2020, Volunteer

Unica Le, Changemaker 2020, Volunteer

Wajeha sabzwari (waji), Changemaker 2020, Volunteer, Graphic Design Intern for Magnify

Wendi Wang, Changemaker 2020, Volunteer